your health is our priority

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Our Company (Bin Romani Foods) who takes human health seriously and avoids using chemical and harmful medicines by only using pure and natural ingredients only because of the purpose to cure and serve humanity.

your health is our priority

Our company Herb Health Club which now known as Bin Romani Foods chose to change its name because due to the increase in recognition of the company, some companies ........

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Doctor's Comments

  • Who is not aware of benefits of Ajwa date, and the paste which is made by its precious ingredients, it is really appreciable. The great feature of this paste is that being food, it can be used for patient of any disease and weak person. We have tested Ajwa Paste in all age groups of men & women and received positive results.
  • Nature has bestowed countless blessings on human being, in my opinion, Ajwa Date is a great blessing on mankind. Ajwa Paste is a product which is made through elaborated process, it is definitely unmatched product, we used it on pathetic body patients, heart patients, neuro-weakness patients, sexual diseases patients and joints pain patients and received amazing results.
  • Countless benefits of Ajwa Dates are also proven by Ahadith.The paste which is made by efforts of fellows, it is not only a great achievement but it also works as great remedy for heart, lever, stomach, neuro, joints and bones pain patients.
  • Ajwa Date is indeed a blessing and not to gain its advantages is unfortunate.

    In my view, Ajwa Date is a collection of all medicine. After deep thought, I started collecting all the characteristics and ingredients which are proven from Ahadith. Ajwa Date, its kernel, honey, Nigella Seeds & Saffron are used as experiment collectively and there were too many benefits and positive results achieved. Then I consulted with my panel’s human sympathetic people to make a finishing shape of these ingredients, by the Grace of Allah and with the assistance of our fellows & after proceeding with laboratory process, we have succeeded in making Paste of Ajwa Date, and after using it for different diseases, today we have present this paste to you.