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May 4, 2019



Ajwa Dates and Ajwa Dates Seeds , Honey , Black Cumin Seeds , Saffron which is a natural medicine , keeping in view the benefits of the medicine the famous BinRomani Foods has done Exhaustive research for many many years and finally prepared a prescription , Namely Shifa-e-Ajwa Paste for treatment.The Paste contains Calcium , Vitamins , Potassium , Iron , Magnessium , Protein , Folic Acid , Sugar and Fiber, which indicates the Importance of Shifa-e-Ajwa Paste.

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Benefits of Shifa-e-Ajwa Paste :

  • Very Good for Blood pressure it controls blood pressure.
  • Very Good for to avoid constipation,
  • Very Good for To stop the falling of hairs.
  • Very Good for liver disease
  • Very Good for Heart diseasea nice prescription.
  • Very Good for Health and sexual weakness.
  • Very Good for Make and male hidden disease.
  • Very Good for All kinds of  body and muscle pain.
  • Very Good for Hepatitis.
  • Very Good for Very Goog for To remove extra fat from the body and reduces thebody fatness.
  • Very Good for The eye sight it increases the power Of vision clear Vision.
  • Very Good for Memory  it provides support to brain.
  • Very Good for Cancer disease.
  • Very Good for Children’s health and body shape .
  • Very Good for To remove the weakness from body and it helps to shape your body
  • Very Good for To maintain the calcium in the body and strengthen the bones.
  • Very Good for Breathing problems, also removes chronic flu and chest congestion.
  • Very Good for Baby feeding mothers as it increases the milk productivity.
  • Very Good for To maintain the blood circulations of the body and it maintains the cholesterol.
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